Is it rude to design your own tattoo?

Is it rude to design your own tattoo?

Those who cannot get tattoos

Some sectors are more open to hiring people who display these drawings on their skin, such as some segments of the leisure industry (bars and nightclubs) or urban or youth clothing stores. But in others there is strong resistance. Cubero, one of the organizers of the Only Tattoo Barcelona event, points out that the health sector expressly requests that employees – be they nurses, doctors or even maintenance staff – keep their tattoos hidden.

Many airlines specify, among the requirements for their applicants, that they must have “a good appearance, with no piercings or visible tattoos”. This same point is emphasized by the Armed Forces. The call issued by the Ministry of Defense states that “tattoos that could be visible” are not allowed when wearing the different types of uniforms of the corps.

But there is a large gray area. “The right to physical image clashes with the right of the company’s freedom” to hire whoever it considers, or to establish image criteria for its personnel, says lawyer Eva Gómez, an expert in labor issues at the Sanahuja Miranda law firm.

Skin not suitable for tattoos

When a tattoo begins to heal, the calves swell, and then the edema passes to the sole of the foot, so the first few days do not overload yourself doing long walks or playing sports, and do not tighten the thigh with bandages or with cling film. Pointillism and portraits look very good in these areas. There are examples of work in these styles later in the article.

Do you want to decorate your legs with a large volume image? The best place is the thighs, and the sides most often chosen are the outer and side, as these are the least painful areas. A tattoo in this area can be diluted under certain conditions.

The application of a tattoo on the entire back will require 5 sessions or more. It is better to think through the sketch in advance and discuss it with the tattooist: drawings in different styles on one part of the body will look absurd, and some are difficult to join. Popular themes for tattooing the back are: realistic images of animals, floral ornaments, Japanese style tattoos, biomechanical and organic.

How to tell if the ink of a tattoo is bad

It is not new however, but has its roots in many ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Imperial Japan or pre-Columbian cultures. In all these places tattooing had a function to distinguish a group of people from the rest, whether as priests, criminals, prisoners or descendants of aristocratic families.

Long gone are the days when a tattoo could be the vehicle for all kinds of infections, dermal and even worse: cases of HIV or hepatitis transmission have been reported for not changing the needle between one client and another. But even if these accidents no longer happen, the rules are not always observed to the fullest.

But beyond the fact that we may encounter an undesirable professional in terms of personal hygiene, we run the risk of encountering dyes that are expired and contaminated by using a non-sterile dilution. In 2012 there was an outbreak in New York of a dermal infection due to the bacterium ‘Mycobacterium chelonae’, which came from a bad batch of ink. It is estimated that between 1% and 5% of tattoos today carry bacterial infections.

Tattoos do not define a person

You don’t need to wax the area you want to get tattooed.In fact, I prefer that you don’t, as I can do it myself and make sure the skin is fresh and smooth for the session.Is it okay if I cry?Crying is not a bad thing, but please try to avoid it.This will probably cause the artist to have to interrupt the session until you are calm.Remember that crying is temporary and will pass in a while.What should I do if I don’t like the result? This will probably cause the artist to have to interrupt the session until you are calm.Remember that the pain is temporary and will pass in a while.What should I do if I don’t like the result?If you don’t like the tattoo you should tell the tattoo artist or let the store know.As long as you are respectful, any serious tattoo store will strive to find a solution that satisfies both parties.Is it rude to wear headphones during the session?Feel free to bring things to keep yourself entertained.Alissa Jung