Can my friends see what I like on Facebook?

Can my friends see what I like on Facebook?

Why can’t I see who has liked me on facebook?

Now, when you go inside Security & Login, just scroll down a little bit to the Login section. There, click on the Edit button of the Use two-step authentication option, which is inside a section that is also called Two-step authentication.

You also have the activity log, which will allow you to see all the posts you have made so far to change this parameter one by one. It is more tedious, but it is useful if you do not want to configure them all absolutely the same.

Beyond that, the procedure to decide individually who can see each new photo you upload is the same. When you click on the option to publish a new photo, in the Create publication window you will be able to change who can see it with the button that appears under your name. When you open it, you will see the options we have mentioned above, and you will be able to make the change. Note that if you change the default settings when posting, it will only affect that photo.

Who can see my likes on facebook

26 November, 2014 by jmperez This question came to us through a comment on our previous posts, specifically the one about the “like” and “comment” buttons on the cover photo. We remind you that you can also ask questions through our Ask anything you want form.

Hello, regarding this issue, I have everything in public but when I entered the option “see how” in my profile only appears to share and previously if the other options appeared to give me like and comment. I think I modified it somehow but I don’t know how to fix it.

I can see that my photos are on my wall but it doesn’t show up in my friends news feed so if I post a cover photo days ago I don’t get any likes unless my friends look for me on my wall.

I would like to have at least the “like” option because I have seen profiles that have it, but I don’t have any of those options when I upload photos, share videos, post statuses, etc. I have set it to PUBLIC, I am of legal age so there shouldn’t be any problem, but no, I only have the option to share. I put the “followers” so that people can like my stuff but I can’t even like it because I did it through another account and it only allows me to share them and I would like them to be able to react to it… Read more “

If I put I no longer like on facebook they notice it

If we access to Settings and privacy, in the section Audience and visibility by clicking on the section How other people can find you and contact you we can control many of the privacy aspects of this list such as knowing who can know our friends list.

From the same section of then we find the option How other people can find you and contact you, we can also configure the privacy of Who can send you friend requests. Very interesting so that strangers have no chance to contact us. And so we prevent many bots and trolls from trying to befriend us.

From Profile and tagging we can set a whole series of options to configure who can see the photos in which we have been tagged. Normally this tagging thing is not something that falls entirely in our hands and it is usually our friends who do it. With these options we will have more peace of mind.

How to prevent my friends from seeing my ”likes” in facebook

This option allows you to create different lists in which you can include several friends, so that when you configure your privacy you can select the Custom option and exclude all members of a list easily and quickly.

This will help you both to keep up to date with the content posted by those people, and to select the list in your privacy settings to show or hide some details of your account to its members.

In addition, you can also configure how they see what those people post in your biography (this is the option below). In this case, you do have all the options as in any publication.

Although you can choose in each post who you want to see it, you can also select who you want to see it by default, so you don’t have to configure it in each post.