How do I complain to Sodexo?

How do I complain to Sodexo?

Sodexo customer service phone number

The change of the credit cards or vouchers for cash is done through one of our Cash Advance agents (A change is made with the voucher in one of the cash registers, immediately our agent delivers the cash).

Visit us and use the best opportunity to get the cash you need urgently, we handle everything in reputable establishments to prevent our customers from doubting our Quality, Guarantee and Consistency of our work.

If you want to know if the amount of money you have in the Sodexo bonus or in the Big Pass can be exchanged for cash, just call us, we guarantee that we adapt to your capital and we will schedule a time to make the exchange for cash that you need so much.

The Sodexo bonus that a company gives you many times in our life is very profitable and advantageous. Thanks to this we support products that are crucial to have at home, but there are also unforeseen events or simply want to give another use to this bonus, either more need or for something that the exchange for the bonus is not valid. Then the solution we provide is the one you are looking for and adapts to your interest and even ours.

Sodexo bonuses where you receive them

Yes, all Restaurant Pass vouchers have an expiration date printed on the front. We remind you that you have a maximum of two months from that date to send them to our offices for reimbursement.

The commercial code refers to the number assigned by the operator to the terminals they have in your establishment. You can see the merchant code that appears at the top of the printed receipt that comes out of your terminal when you make a transaction.

Sodexo clarifications

HOW DO I PAY? 1.- Download Sodexo APP and log in with your RUT and password. 2.- In the PAYMENT section choose the option Dynamic Key to get your code. 3.- Tell the cashier that you will pay with Sodexo, give your RUT or Sodexo card and your Dynamic Key when they ask you for it.

The Big Pass Gift Card can only be redeemed for products and services in authorized establishments. It cannot be used for fuel and its balance is not redeemable for cash. The Big Pass Regalo Card can be used at establishments throughout the country, not only in the city where you are located.

To check the balance of your BigPass Edenred card, go to “check your balance” or call us at 3078073. If you have BigPass Edenred Card you can download our mobile App on Android and IOS and check the balance of your card by logging into it.

BigPass Food is an added value for your employees that generates real savings and tax relief for them and your company. BigPass Gift is the practical solution to deliver and distribute rewards and gifts inside and outside your company in a wide network. balance inquiry

You probably receive, as a benefit, grocery or gas cards with the name Sodexo, and you want to check the balance of this benefit to know how much is available and be able to use it.

You should know that to check the Sodexo balance of your voucher card, first activate your plastic. Below, we will tell you how to do it, but pay attention, because the activation is different for each product:

If you don’t know how to get the activation code, you should know that it is printed on the welcome letter you received when you were given the plastic, just above the barcode.

If you have a Sodexo Tienda Pass, Resto Pass or Diligo card, call 55 5091 2414 to know the status of your card, since they are automatically activated when you receive it at work.

You can check the status of your card by dialing 55 5091 2414. Follow the steps indicated and enter the 16 digits of your product and the activation code; if the information matches your user, you will be required to generate a 4-digit PIN.