What is miscellaneous aviation coverage?

What is miscellaneous aviation coverage?

Aircraft Insurance

Although it is not specifically regulated in the Civil Code in its Book III, Chapter XXIV on the Insurance Contract, Article 1691 establishes that “…the provisions of this Chapter apply to marine and aeronautical insurance, insofar as they are not contrary to its nature and except for the rules of special laws…”. Therefore, subsidiarily, the provisions contained in Law 1860/02 which establishes the Aeronautical Code and whose Title XIV refers to “Aeronautical Insurance” in its articles 277 to 283 and of course the Specific and Particular Conditions of the Insurance Contract entered into between insured and insurer apply.

Outside the minimum limits required in the regulations, the insured, owner or operator of the aircraft may contract insurance with higher capital or sums insured with the exception of the value of the hull of the aircraft, which must contemplate its actual value at the time of underwriting. Coverage is during the “flight” considered from the “decolage” as well as when the aircraft is on “ground”, in hangars or in sheds, including while taxiing, i.e. during its transportation by means of its own engines.

Aircraft Hull Insurance

If I am the owner or administrator of a company that has motor vehicles and I do not take out the corresponding insurance policies, can it affect me personally, even if the vehicles are not in my name?

Also in this type of format is that some insurance companies include coverage extensions such as no deductible, no depreciation in case of total loss, no depreciation or coinsurance for tires, rims and accessories.

If a prosecutor calls you after the accident for such a hearing, it is mandatory that you attend and the insurer will provide you with an attorney and guide you through the process, usually within a half day.

The insurance company will provide the attorney and pay the costs of your defense, the premiums on bonds to lift liens that may come during the process and subsequently the amounts to which you are sentenced by the judge.

Any conviction in excess of the coverage limit of your policy will have to be covered by you, who will have to respond with your personal assets. The attorney who wins the case may even initiate garnishment proceedings against you.

Bait coverage

Published in the book XXXVIII Jornadas Iberoamericanas de Derecho Aeronáutico y del Espacio y de la Aviación Comercial, Buenos Aires, La Ley, 2011, ISBN 978-987-27401-0-8 (pp. 117-130, total work 192) and in Sistema Argentino de Información Jurídica, Buenos Aires, October 25, 2010.

In taxiways and runways there are also cases of errors in the night marking or obstacles left on them, such as paving machines, tar drums or other elements that caused collisions and serious accidents that were judicially attributed to the airport operators and administrators.[3] The scope of this presentation will be the scope of the present case.

The scope of this presentation will be to give an overview of the insurance industry, its insurance-reinsurance business operation scheme and then to analyze the Airport Owners And Operators Liability Insurance Policy -Ariel- which will be the main objective of this paper.

Based on the Chicago Convention, which establishes “safety” [7] as a fundamental value insofar as it tends to organize safe, regular and efficient air transport, aviation-related safety has many facets and the most worrying has been the unlawful interference of aircraft, especially since the event of 9/11.


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