Whats the safest African country?

Whats the safest African country?


Among the African countries not only Egypt stands out with its unforgettable pyramids, there are also some nations with mind-blowing landscapes and always awake cities that take your breath away. Are you ready to discover the compilation of those places in Africa that you should not miss? Take note, because when you come back from them you will be a person with thousands of anecdotes and new knowledge to share!

This is one of the richest and most varied African countries in terms of landscapes, cities and cultural treasures. We have told you about it on numerous occasions. If you visit Morocco, we invite you to get to know it:

When you think of Ethiopia, what comes to mind? We promise you that the landscapes of this place will be marked in your mind forever. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most amazing African countries in this aspect. What should you visit there? Here are some ideas.

– The Danakil depression. A place that makes you wonder if you have traveled to another planet, which until 2009 could not be visited. Not even the intense heat that you will experience can steal the limelight to the magnificence of this location. Simply breathtaking. Learn more about it in “Danakil, only suitable for Adventurers”.


Many travelers have been to South Africa and are eager to return to this wonderful country. In social networks and blogs you will find all kinds of testimonials that will surely give you the final push to visit southern Africa, but you can not be oblivious and ignore some facts. It is true that the crime rate in South African cities is high and that muggings, robberies and thefts sometimes happen. However, it is also true that the authorities are aware of this and that tourist areas are heavily guarded. In addition, a trip through the country does not only include big cities and all travelers agree that, outside of them, South Africa is a very quiet country.

Therefore, we can tell you that it is safe to travel to South Africa, but keeping some basic precautions that will make you enjoy your trip. Although traveling in the African country is not like traveling in Europe, do not become paranoid and be consistent.

Because we want you to love South Africa as much as we do, we want to give you some tips to plan your trip. Evaluate all the factors, visit areas where you feel comfortable and, above all, enjoy a country as great as this one.

Europe’s safest countries to live in

Although we normally associate the Maghreb countries with a completely different place, we should not forget that places like Morocco are still part of the African continent. Caressed by the Sahara and nurtured by a tapestry of vibrant imperial cities, the country of couscous owes much of its charm to the bazaars of Marrakech, the exoticism of places like the Draa Valley, or the psychedelia of villages like the blue Chaouen, not far from the Mediterranean coast. Undoubtedly, one of the safest countries in Africa.


Some of the tribes of the Omo Valley continue to live far from technological advances, although there are others that have turned the experience of a visit into a photographic circus. To avoid this, it is best to visit with a trusted local.

Culture lovers should visit one of the most beautiful places in Africa, Lalibela. Located in the north of the country, at 2,500 meters above sea level and difficult to access by road, Lalibela was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its ancient churches carved into the rock. Most of Ethiopia is Coptic Christian and has a history in which the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and the Ark of the Covenant are fundamental pieces. As we told you: practically unsurpassable even for the best fiction storyteller.

Plundered to the point of exhaustion by the Portuguese colonizers, and bled by a Civil War that lasted until the end of the 20th century, Mozambique has managed to raise its head and recover the joy of a people that combines Latin and African character.